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Lessons Learned from Brain Surgery – Humor


A sense of humor will give you a better temperament than frustration. Learn to laugh at yourself. It will help you to feel less self-conscious.

My family is always joking around about things and it was no different with brain surgery.  We laughed about pretty much everything that we could to help lighten the heavy burden that we were living.  When I say “we”, it did not escape me that even though I was the one in bed bandaged and tangled with medical equipment, “they” were tasked with keeping my spirits up.

When I was home, we laughed when my brother had to push me up the stairs because I didn’t have the energy to make it by myself.  We laughed that I used a ski pole to navigate before I got a cane.

In Florida, when I listed to the right while walking on the beach, my friends were always between me and the ocean. “No way. I’m not going to tell your family I let you walk alone and you veered into the ocean.”

When I give the wrong answer to a waiter’s question because I’m trying to fake that I actually heard, it’s humorous to see their expression when saying that I’ll pay my bill with “French fries, not chips.”

I always strive to be a “Pleasant Miserable” Person when I’m having a bad day.  I strive to find laughter and joy from a vantage point that is, simply, ridiculous.  A Brain tumor?  Deaf in one ear?  Unable to smile normally?  Unable to move because of head pain more often than I want to acknowledge?  Yea, you gotta laugh. . . once you stop crying.