Smiling Again

“When I woke up. . .I quickly became aware that gliding through brain surgery recovery was not the big plan. Pain, paralysis, and single-sided deafness loomed ahead.”

Written with a poignant blend of honesty, dry humor, faith, and inquisitiveness, Smiling Again is a story of the persistence of life and beauty in spite of pain. Sally recounts the shock of diagnosis, a long and painful recovery from invasive brain surgery, her eventual retirement due to disability, and ultimately contentment and acceptance of a new life journey.

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Black River Books in South Haven, Michigan

Smiling Again is available on Amazon, B&N. and Powells !


Here’s a compilation of my blog posts in Kindle version:

Additionally, I contributed a chapter to each of the following Anthologies:

Trials and Triumphs, which is a collection of personal testimonies published by Faithwriters.  I was honored to have mine included.


The Transformation Project, which has an essay on Motherhood that authored.


Imagine This: An Art Prize Anthology has an essay on Laundry that I contributed.  It is available on Schuler Books.



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