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New Review on Smiling Again:

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“This book kept me spellbound and I immediately read all the way through.  It is mesmerizing to hear and feel Sally’s journey.   I realize she has put into words things I’ve felt but never expressed, even to myself.  Others will do the same I’m sure.  I cried through most of the beginning chapters, but finished with a profound understanding of a torturous journey well negotiated. For the first time I really understand what it means to have headaches as your constant companion.  It’s interesting that she attributes her ability to explain complex things to years of working in IT.  Makes sense to me. At the end of the book, I was smiling too.  Although now  I’m sobbing again. Bravo.  Beautiful writing.”  Kate Johnson


“Be inspired by this poignant account of one woman’s struggle for health and faith – and the tireless devotion of family. Smiling Again is a compelling read with something for everyone: those in good health and those not; those facing life-threatening surgery, those recovering from surgery, and those helping someone else recover. But this story isn’t just about struggle; it also offers hope as Sally finds the “new me” and can eventually smile again – both literally and figuratively. In Smiling Again, expect to be encouraged, perhaps cry, and even smile as you follow Sally on her journey of healing and rediscovery.” Peter DeHaan, PhD

“Smiling Again, a personal story by Sally Stap, is an amazing book by a very amazing woman. I knew Sally through our work, and did not know the suffering she had prior to the diagnosis. Once diagnosed, I followed her blog and hoped that she would have the support with her family and friends in Michigan. Her book, which is so very personal, shows the courage that Sally had throughout her ordeal. It also shows the interactions between Sally, her family and her friends!! Thank you, Sally for writing this very personal journey for us to read.” Amy Andersson, CPA, MBA http://www.

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Personal Notes that I have received:

“Your book, Smiling Again, moved me alot. You have had such a difficult road for so many years. I pray you will continue to have the strength needed for your journey of healing. The cover photo on Smiling Again has so much meaning. From darkness to the beautiful path in the wooded area looks peaceful. Of course you know you are never alone. God is with you always.”

“Sally is an amazing lady. She also has a great support system.”

“Sally, your book is remarkable. Thank you.”


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  1. Susan Taylor

    I bought this book because my sister had a very rare type of brain bleed and it sounded like Sally’s experience was similar to my sisters. After reading the first 2 chapters, I immediately bought a separate book for my sister to read. I was in tears for Sally because I knew what my sister went through and it reminded me of what my family experienced. The more I read, the more I identified with Sally. I recommend this book to anyone that is a caregiver or has some type of disability. There is insite for everyone to contemplate. My husband has FSH MD and is unable to walk. Being his care giver I could identify with Kayla and Sally showed me other sides to being the person with the disability. I wish the best for Sally and relief from her headaches! My love goes out to your whole family, and you will be in my prayers. Faith is the foundation for every step forward.

  2. Cathy Cain

    I met the author long before I read the book. I knew that she had gone through brain surgery and I was impressed by her positive attitude. Only after I finished Smiling Again, did I realize the full extent of her experience – and her marvelous courage. Page after page, the reader walks the author’s journey with curious interest and amazement. Somewhere along the way the realization sets in that this could be anyone’s story. One day, busy, happy and taking good health for granted. Next, faced with an unbelievable medical crisis. Smiling Again left me pondering if I would handle a similar situation with the courage of the author. This is required reading for anyone in medical crisis and a true tribute to her faith, her family and her friends.


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