Helpful Resources

I will post items on this page that I found helpful during my recovery.

Websites:  These sites provide great medical information (Acoustic Neuroma)

Facebook:   There are several Facebook groups that you may want to join.  Just go to Facebook and search on Acoustic Neuroma.

Here are some specific products (and Amazon links)

For Dry eye, there is a full range of eye lubricants including moisturizing drops, gel-drops, and nighttime ointment.  I always have drops nearby – car, purse, nightstand, or pocket. Here’s a new one that I like:

Sometimes, drops are not enough, and then gel drops offer a little more lubrication:

At night, extra lubricant is soothing to the eye.  Refresh is back!  My favorite.

For Single Sided deafness, one thing that is difficult is using earphones.  Since you can only use one, blocking all other noise, it’s hard to hear things Bone conduction technology is an option to deliver stereophonic sound through the listener’s cheekbones to the inner ear. Here’s an example:

Another option for Single Sided Deafness is an earbud that plays both soundtracks in one ear.

My shoulders, neck, and head were frequently tense and this amazing heating pad allows you to surround your muscles with heat.  Nice for evenings when you are watching TV or reading.

For my face, as the facial nerve healed, I had tightness in my muscles.  Neuromuscular retraining helped, and through my therapy I used mud packs, heated in the microwave.  They feel amazing and are pliable for cheeks and neck.×16-Cold-Pain-Relief/dp/B0057XFMU8

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