The Transformation Project (A West Michigan Word Weavers Anthology) **Free Shipping in USA**

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**Free Shipping in USA **

This book was compiled by over twenty writers who are part of West Michigan Word Weavers.

I wrote a chapter called “Motherhood Musings”

A description for the overall book:

As long as you’re alive, you’re transforming. Every day. Every moment of every day. Sometimes those moments pass without a thought. Sometimes you’re so overwhelmed by their deluge that you can’t see their beauty. But for the moments that grab so profoundly that people can see the change…those are the moments we celebrate in this work.

Re-live our lessons with us. Reflect on the knowledge, the understanding, and the appreciation we have gained through the process. Breathe in our recounting – whether in short story or in memoir form – just as we offer it.

May these words inspire you to look for those moments of transformation in your own life.


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