Decisive Women: Designing decisions in 5 minutes or less

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This book is authored by Dr. Nancy Fox, who coordinated over twenty women writing about decisiveness.

I wrote Chapter 22, Coming back to joy.  The synopsis of the book is:

Inspired by her mother’s tenacity and will to live nearly ten years past a lung cancer diagnosis, Nancy Fox became curious about women’s determination to rise above life’s challenges and the why behind each woman’s desire to live and thrive with dignity and self respect.

The everyday-influential women contributing to this book reveal their commitment to the benefits, action, results, and service needed to triumph over life’s challenges. They exemplify the alignment of beliefs and desires of their heart that positively affect themselves, their loved ones and countless others.

Unique and personal stories about relationships, illness, truth, pets, and living life to the fullest are shared by the women authors from various backgrounds including entrepreneurs, parents, experts of all kinds and everyday-influential Decisive Women like you.


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