After my Acoustic Neuroma Diagnosis I reluctantly showed up at the appointed time for brain surgery. I can’t say I showed up because I wanted to be a beacon for God. I showed up because the alternative was death. I inhaled, exhaled, and went to sleep for a nine-hour surgery.

I then had to learn who the new “Sally” was.  It has taken almost five years, and I’m still working on it, but I have learned a lot about myself and what I think is important in my life.

Today I can tell you the best time to walk on the beach to find fascinating things is after a storm when the tide goes out. A few years ago I couldn’t tell you that because I hadn’t lived by the ocean. Who we are and what we know changes daily. What we care about is tweaked or rocked, changing our life perspective continuously. I have learned to manage pain and cram living into low pain moments. When I can’t, I focus on God, His love, and His ability to bring peace into my life.

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