Caregiver Tip # 11 – Stay in Hospital

Stay in the hospital overnight if possible to care for the patient. I found something almost always came up AFTER the nurse left.

I was confused, even though I didn’t think I was.  Having Kayla there overnight helped immensely.  Hospitals are very accommodating to make caregivers as comfortable as possible.  Kayla had a cot set up for her.  It help them too so that they can focus on medical care.

Years before, Kayla was in the hospital as a pre-teen.  She had her appendix out.  In the middle of the night she was itchy from a drug interaction.  She became agitated and needed red jello.  The only jello that they had on the floor was green.  In hindsight it is a funny story that we laugh about, but I was able to help her get what she needed.


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