Caregiver Tip #1

“Your loved one needs your support. Be sure to take care of yourself. If you end up sick, you won’t be any help to the person who is actually recovering.”

It was critical to have the support of family at the hospital when I had brain surgery.  They each eased into their role of caregiver.  Kayla stayed in the hospital with me overnight and was there to help whenever I groaned or squeaked.  However, she took a break each morning and evening to return to the hotel for a shower, phone call to her husband, or just a few minutes to herself.  During those times, my Dad was there to help me call for a nurse or reach something for me that was just out of reach.

They then paired up for lunch, leaving me alone for just that one short period during the day.  During lunch, they could build each other up for the next “shift”.

They did both get rundown by the end of the week, but without each other – and a daily routine with breaks – they would have struggled to get through.  Whenever they were with me, they were rocks.  Unwavering in their strength and support.

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